Are you a Local Author?

We would love to sell your book for you in the store! We can carry two copies of your book, or one of each if you have different titles. When one of your books sells, we'll send you a check for 60% of the retail price. We  have a short form for you to fill out, but once we get that and your books, we will have your book on our shelf the next business day!

Want to Support Local Authors?

We carry more titles by local authors than you probably realize! With books of poetry, spiritualiy, fiction, non-fiction, and short stories, our local authors cover all sorts of different genres. It is also doubly beneficial when you buy one of these books, because you are supporting small business as well as people in the community. They may even be your neighbors! Whoever is working at the front desk would love to point you in the direction of our local author section.